Marriage Ministry

Leadership Team:

Chair – Melody Sargent
Asst. Chair – Bruce Sargent
Recording Sec. – Angela McGee
Daryl McGee, James Hogan, Jamisa Hogan, Carl Harris, Janet Harris, Franklin Holbrook, Wendy Holbrook, Earnett Maltbia, Valerie Maltbia, Trinidy Allen and Dominic Allen.


Why do we need a Married Couples Ministry?
The Family is constantly under attack from today’s society. In an era when marriage is sometimes discouraged or avoided, Christians should know that God created and blessed the marriage institution. Strong and healthy marriages, promotes a strong and healthy church.

Objective: To help couples grow in their relationship with Christ and with each other. The Couples Ministry is to help strengthen marriage, promote fellowship within the church, share knowledge and information, encourage and support families based on Christian’s principles.

How will we work to meet the objective?
A Marriage Ministry Team (MMT) will provide opportunities for married couples to strengthen their relationship by offering a forum to gain knowledge and enlightened perspectives about God’s expectations regarding marriage and marital roles, as well as promote bonds and establish support groups within the ministry. These objectives will be met through ongoing workshops/seminars where couples can learn about communication, submission, love, conflict resolution, family finance, etc. The support groups within the ministry allows couples to discuss issues and gain insight from others who have successfully confronted those same issues and share experiences in order to identify and avoid potential marital pitfalls, build bonds with one another while doing so in a confidential manner.

Examples of possible activities and ideas:

  • Workshops/Seminars – Health, Finance, Retirement, etc.…
  • Date Night – Movies, Dinner, Plays, etc.…
  • Annual “I Still Do” Banquet (Valentines)
  • Retreats – “Weekend to Remember”
  • Presenters
  • Book Studies
  • Support Group – Small group gatherings