How Can Your Deacon Help You?
Because we care for you and your family, the pastor and deacons of Greater Pleasant Branch are committed to the Deacon Family Ministry Plan. We want to make certain every member and family in your church experiences the love and support of the whole congregation. We want to be known throughout our community as a loving and caring church.

What is the Deacon Family Ministry Plan?

It’s a plan through which the deacons can join the pastor and church staff in ministering to the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of each church member and family. The resident church families are divided into groups of 10 or more families. Each group of families is then assigned to a deacon who will minister to them over a period of time.

A part of each of our deacons’ meeting will be devoted to praying about specific needs of families and to rejoicing over needs met and victories won. Another part of the meeting will be devoted to learning deacons’ skills in ministering to family needs.

How can a deacon help you?

Of course, you’re the only one who can answer that question. However, your deacon wants to try to help in several specific ways.

Visiting you – The first visit will be a get-acquainted visit with you and your family. However, your deacon will make other visits throughout the year when someone in your family is the hospital or when you have sorrow or sickness in the home.

Witnessing to unsaved family members – One of your deacon’s chief concerns is that every member of your family knows Jesus Christ as Savior.
Rejoicing with you and your family – Your deacon will share your joy when you celebrate important events or accomplishments in your life.
Being your friend – As your deacon listens to your challenges and concerns, you will know someone who cares.

Giving support in times of crisis – Sometimes your deacon can help you through a crisis by listening and giving support. Other times your deacon will know someone else or a community agency that can help.

Answering questions about your faith or about your church or denomination – Your deacon will try to find the answers for you.

Helping you know and experience fellowship with other members and families in the church – Your deacon will encourage you to participate in social occasions when families in the assigned group or other church members get together for fun and fellowship.

Helping you finds ways to serve in and through the church – Your deacon will watch for opportunities for you to use the talents, skills, and abilities God has given you.

Praying for you and with you – Believing you’re important and believing in the power of prayer, your deacon will join the pastor and other deacons in praying for you and each member of you family.

In the Deacon Family Ministry Plan every member and every family has a deacon. The more effectively the plan works in our church, the closer our church will come to being a real family in Christ. Your cooperation will help make the plan work. Feel free to call your deacon. Your deacon will seek to help you or will link you to another person who can help.