Our Pastor

Pastor Artee Williams has selected the 2019 Church Theme:

“Spirituality – The Higher Calling for Discipleship, Worship, and Ministry”

  • Working Definition – Spirituality is growing into Christlikeness that glorifies God in our discipleship, worship, and ministry.
  • Key Scriptures – The teachings of Jesus regarding spirituality in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Also, the teachings of Paul, Peter, John, and James in the epistles
  • Purpose – To establish a goal for achieving the extraordinary in Christian living, individual and corporate worship and every facet of our church ministries.
  • Resources – Incorporate the principles and practices of “Spirituality” in all Christian Education classes (Sunday School and Wednesday Night Bible Study) and in every ministry.
  • Duration – 2019 and beyond
  • Goal – Promote opportunities for continuous spiritual growth leading to excellence in discipleship, worship, and ministry